Residential Development: Home Sweet Home

We pride ourselves on offering our clients the best possible experience possible. We know you have a choice, and when you choose C3CS for your project, you can rest assured knowing that from start to end, we have the know how to make your dream a reality, all at the most value priced solution possible, but doing so with quality in mind for the end result.


C3 Contract Services can provide you with extensive Interior and Exterior Renovations for either Commercial or Residential Buildings. In addition to building envelope renovation services, we handle Architectural Modifications, Facade Repair, Addition of a Portico, Demolition, Interior Buildout…no job is too big, or too small. With years of experience and the high level performance from our trained project teams, we can help protect your building from the effects of time and weather.


 √ Interior Remodeling

 √ Exterior Renovation

 √ Roofing – New Roofs, Roof Replacement, Coating and Repair

 √ Disaster Restoration Services – Repair Damage done by fire, flood or storm

 √ Interior and Exterior Painting and Waterproofing


Paint is the first layer of defense when it comes to the integrity of your home or building. With our experienced crews and extensive equipment ,  C3 Contract Services has the ability to quickly and efficiently tackle your tough interior or exterior painting jobs in a highly professional manner. 


√ Complete Paint Crews with average of 10 years experience

√ High Reach Specialists

√ Materials Selected as Specified by Engineers and/or Experts

√ Top Quality Paint

√ Two Part Epoxies & Urethanes

√ Engineered Siloxanes, 100% solid epoxies

√ Industrial enamels, Moisture Cured Urethanes and much more



Home and commercial building owners constantly battle the elements when maintaining their assets. Inevitably, minor problems start to surface after a home or building has been built after several years... particularly fast with the hot dry Texas summers coupled with often unpredictable spring thunderstorms and flash floods or wet winters. Texas heat can often times play havoc and cause the drying out of the surrounding ground and a home or buildings water repellent materials, and then with the frequent heavy thunderstorms or rain, or wet freezes during winter causing the resaturation this can lead to real troubles and major headaches.  Water penetration and intrusion are especially troublesome. Water intrusion is a major problem when considering the effect it can have on tenant dissatisfaction, damage to interior finishes, and mold development.

C3 Contract Services is readily available to offer building and home owners and managers residential or commercial waterproofing solutions delivered professionally, on time, and within budget.


√  Thorough Analysis of Existing Problem

√  Leak Detection and Repair

√  Engineered Solutions

√  Focus on Integrity of Building Envelope

√  Structural Sealants

√  Through-Wall Flashing and Vapor Barriers

√  Façade Restoration


Water is the number one cause of concrete deterioration, whether it leads to cracking, rusting or other corrosion. Waterproofing the concrete surface will prevent moisture from penetrating the surface, effectively reducing the risk of cracks, rust and corrosion with one process!

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